Thursday, 17 May 2012

DIY - Padded Ironing Board Cover

Ive had my ironing board cover for many years and Ive been wanting to make a new one because it's ripped, stained and even burnt in a few spots. The cover was given to me by my dad when I moved out of home and he has since passed away which is the main reason I haven't replaced it already. The cover was too big for my ironing board in the first place as it covered the iron stand at the end so today I'm finally going to have a cover that fits so I can use it properly!

You Will Need:
*Cotton fabric (big enough to cover your ironing board with 8cm extra around the edge)
*Wadding/padding (big enough to cover the ironing board)
*String or thin elastic- at least 2m
*Cotton thread in corresponding colour
*Sewing machine
*Sewing needle
*Tiny safety pin


Step 1.
Firstly, you need to strip your ironing board down to the metal frame, if there's any padding underneath the cover, don't throw it away!! I found a piece of thick padding under my cover which I'm going to recycle instead of buying new wadding.

Step 2.
Lay the piece of wadding over the metal frame of your ironing board and cut around it to make a piece of padding the same size as your frame. I used the metal edge of the board as a guide for my scissors.

Step 3.
Lay your fabric and the cut wadding on a flat surface, such as a table. The cotton fabric should lay with it's pattern facing down and the more patterned the fabric, the better. Marks and stains will show more easily on plain fabric. Cut around the wadding, leaving a seam allowance of approximately 6-8cm.

Step 4.
Hem the edge of the cotton fabric using a zig-zag stitch or similar. If you have an overlocker, this would work even better.

Step 5.
Laying the fabric on a flat surface, fold the edge up all the way around, approximately 1.5cm in and pin in place.

Step 6.
Using straight stitch, sew into place leaving plenty of room along the outer edge as this will form the tube for the string or elastic. When you have nearly finished, leave an inch or so gap for it to be inserted.

Step 7.
Lay the wadding in the middle of the fabric, again then using a threaded needle and corresponding coloured thread, hand stitch both layers to each other in 3 spots (space them out), just to hold the wadding in place. I used an X shape, as if attaching a button. If you wanted to, you could machine sew around the entire wadding attaching it completely to the cotton fabric, however I don't believe it's necessary as the fabric holds the wadding to the frame anyway, even the 3 attached spots are just a precaution.

Step 8.
Attach the safety pin to the end of the string or elastic. I used string as I was able to salvage it from my old cover, but elastic would be better. Insert the safety pin into the hole and slowly work it all the way around the edge until you make your way back to where you started.

Step 9.
You're almost finished!! All you need to do now is attach it to your ironing board. Line the wadding up with the frame first, then pull the cotton fabric down the sides and tighten the string slowly underneath to finish it off, tying tightly with a bow.
If using elastic, you should gather it, cut and sew the elastic together, first, before putting it on the ironing board.
Once the cover is on, try it out to iron out the creases and your all done!

*I made a small heart shape out of my old cover and attached it to the corner using double sided iron on sticky, as a small reminder of my dad. A keepsake...

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  1. Thanks for the tute, been meaning to make one of these for a while. Love your ode to your dad <3