Sunday, 3 June 2012

3 Tier Cake, Trinity Sunday & Our Farewell Lunch

Today is Trinity Sunday, hence my green attire for church this morning, it's also my dear friend Carol's last day at our parish. Carol has been our associate minister for three years, after moving from Sydney and she's been my friend for almost a year.
Carol & her husband Gary are moving to their very own parish- St George's Anglican Church- a gorgeous parish in the heart of Monbulk!

St George's Anglican Church

After service this morning, everyone brought a plate to share and we enjoyed a lovely farewell lunch together. I brought a cake which I had been working on for the last 3 days, a three tier chocolate and red velvet cake.

I've never made a tiered cake before and I had to research how to put it together with dowel and thick cardboard so it wouldn't sink in the middle. Ive also never made edible flowers but after many tries I finally worked out a good technique using homemade marshmallow fondant (recipe to follow soon).. The whole cake was complete with vanilla butter frosting and a handmade bunting cake topper that said 'farewell'.

The whole cake used 7 packet cake mixes (yes I cheated!) and 3kg of icing!! It cost approx $65 in ingredients, and took me 22-24 hours to make, 10-12 of those hours was making the roses.

I'm hoping to make a 4 tier cake soon for my beautiful friend Sandy's 30th birthday later this month, it's all great practice for my own wedding cake, which I'm making later this year!

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