Gluten Free Banana Walnut Pudding

This recipe can also be used for Banana Bread/Cake, it's exactly the same recipe, just cook it for longer. This is a very versatile recipe as banana could also be substituted for apple or carrot!

Gluten Free Oil Cookies

This oil cookie recipe is a just a base.. you can add whatever you want to it to change the style of cookie.. Ive added desiccated coconut before and they taste delicious! Ive also done the typical chocolate by adding cocoa, choc chip or even...

Gluten Free Baked Zucchini Dippers

These zucchini dippers are delicious! Next time I would make 2 batches, because my fiance and I consumed them all within 5 minutes! They're the perfect appetizer on a winter's night...




Kat's Minty Greek Salad

I love how fresh this salad is! All the different textures and flavour sensations... the crunchy cucumber, the soft avocado, salty olives, sweet tomato, sour lemon and the fresh mint...

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